Create 3D models for AR/VR Apps | How to create 3D model animation for AR/VR Apps



  • Studio setup is quite difficult
  • It’s not easily portable
  • It isn’t able to provide the details of the object as 3D scanning solutions.

3D Scanning

  • Applicable for any color and texture
  • Light setup and body movement would not affect it
  • Provides higher resolution and accuracy than photogrammetry
  • Laser scanning is good for a mid-sized object but not suitable for very small or large objects
  • Sometimes accuracy is not up to the mark so several scanning will be required
  • 3D scanners are much expensive

3D Modelling Programs

Take reference photos and measurements

  • A lens having long focal length should be used. A lens with a short focal length makes a photo skewed and is not suitable for 3D modeling in AR.
  • To create an accurate model, a photo should be taken from varied angles i.e. front, back, top, bottom, left, and right.

Modeling of the reference objects

Painting the texture of the objects

Preparing the models for AR



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