Augmented Reality in the Jewelry Industry |AR/VR in Jewelry Industry


Jewelry making is a complex and expensive process. Everyone wants a perfect piece for themselves, either in terms of design or how it looks. No one wants to shop the most expensive items in vague.

Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry is trying to change the conventional concept in every aspect, whether it is shopping, designing, or manufacturing.

Though technology has changed the faces of many businesses one can easily say that the Jewelry industry is still rolling on conventional style. There are few challenges the Jewelry industry is facing now.

Challenges for Jewelry Industry

  • Every piece of jewelry needs to be justified with the price it is tagged with and it is not easy to do online with the existing process.
  • When it comes to buying a piece of Jewelry, people still find brick and mortar shops more reliable. Especially in India, where Jewelry is considered more than property, people prefer nearby and trustworthy brand outlets. They are more likely to visit that outlet where they can try every piece and can see closely to justify the price, quality, and design. Some of us also like to get Jewelry designed as per our choice and that can only be done at retail shops.
  • It’s hard to make people believe about the quality of Jewelry online.
  • Online shopping cannot provide a pleasant experience. For instance, people have no idea as to how the Jewelry will look on them, how it will actually look like, and so many other questions.
  • Right now, very few of the merchants have shown their presence online and many are yet to move.

Augmented Reality in Every Step of Jewelry Industry

The shopping experience of customers

  • Marketing/advertising of Jewelry
  • Making of Jewelry
  • Designing of Jewelry

Well, some of the areas are still waiting for some miracles to happen with augmented reality whereas some of the parts are already in the transformation stage. Let’s see how much has Augmented Reality invaded the Jewelry industry, how Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry can be used, and what is it bringing in the near future for both businesses and consumers.

Customer Experience

Augmented Reality in Jewelry Shopping is Already Here:

We have already discussed how businesses can use augmented reality to attract, engage, and retain their customers. One of the examples is an augmented reality in retail where the technology helps consumers to try various attires and makeup without actually putting it on themselves. Likewise, Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry can help consumers to get the best piece online.

AR has helped a lot of women to get in touch with a different side of themselves. They can now try clothes and make-ups that they would not normally try. They can even click selfies with the augmented reality makeup and dresses and send it to their friends or share it online to get feedback.

Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry Making Online Shopping Reliable

Augmented Reality in the Jewelry Industry enables consumers to choose the perfect piece from thousands of designs. They can get the exact size of the ring for their finger, get the exact look of necklace wrapped around their neck, and so on without visiting the store.

A recent survey of 1,000 shoppers, conducted by e-commerce agency PushOn, found that 45% of people would be more inclined to spend larger amounts online if the technology was available that could help them envisage products before they purchased.

The survey revealed that consumers want to use augmented reality (AR) technology — for example via an app that would allow them to place virtual images of products over a real-world view — to test products before they buy them. It is already being used in the fashion industry and it will help in engaging more customers.

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“Try On Solution”

One of the amazing use cases of Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry is “Try on” solution. Augmented reality apps can scan and detect the hands, ears, neck, etc., where the virtual piece of Jewelry can be placed to see how it looks there.

Some Real Use Cases of Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry

“Shop4Ring” And “Say Yes”

Both apps are proving themselves very helpful in online shopping of Rings. Former has 300+ rings featured on Amazon and Kobelli editions whereas later helps you to choose your engagement ring out of thousands. People can try any rings on their finger and can buy without any vagueness.

AR Apps Revamping the face of Retail Shops As Well

It’s not all about online stores. People also want convenient shopping at retail stores. They may get bored or tired by trying every piece one by one. But Augmented Reality application at retail stores can enhance their experience.

I myself feel irritated after trying so many earrings, plus my ears hurt after trying a few pieces. With Augmented Reality in the Jewelry Industry, I can shop without hurting myself. The app recognizes the relative position of the ears using AR and helps put the earrings that give you a feel as if you are looking in the mirror.

Marketing and Advertising

Product Catalog

The advertising leads to brand awareness and thus aids the brand values. In the Jewelry industry, it is equally important as in other industries. A product catalog is one of the conventional advertising practice in this industry. A picture may represent a piece of Jewelry attractive and admiring but still, it holds vagueness as to how it will look in real. And, of course, a simple product catalog is unable to fulfill this expectation. But Augmented Reality in the Jewelry Industry makes it possible by representing every model in 3D.

These types of catalogs can be used in in-store to compel the buyers for their next Jewelry. And for the e-commerce market, it becomes a challenge to show the product value to the customers but with AR it will become far easy to reach people’s heart and mind.

Every jeweler must understand that if seeing is believing then trying it on seals the deal. This is where AR can help push up the sales.

3D Modelling and Demonstration of Jewelry Becomes Easy With AR

AR showcase units enable consumers to view any Jewelry pieces up close in in-store and in any trade show. Have you ever looked at the picture of the Jewelry at every angle and grabbed it out of the screen? Well, it can happen with the Augmented Reality.

However, it is still a challenge to make products look realistic in real time. There is some latency and jitteriness and technology like HoloLens and smartphones are trying to make it better.

How Marketers Can Get Benefits from AR

Use of AR objects in advertisements can help consumers to see an interactive and engaging 3D animated model using their market-based AR app. It will definitely increase user engagement and interaction.

Also, it will collect users’ data so that marketers can use those data to optimize the advertising strategy and improve the customer’s experience.

AR apps can help boost customer outreach by allowing jewelers to be accessible to customers 24/7 without paying the rent of the physical shop. Though AR apps cannot replace a physical store but can definitely supplement the Jewelry market.

Manufacturing and Designing

3D Designs of Jewelry Becomes More Realistic With AR

One of the major challenges in Jewelry designing is converting the 3D CAD files into a lifelike structure. Jewelers and 3D CAD operators are already facing challenges in coming up with a gem-like or metallic surface.

Moreover making a 3D image of Jewelry is very difficult as it requires environment mapping to help users able to see reflections while changing the angle of view so as to give it a lifelike effect. We can expect AR platforms like AugmentedDev and Layar to evolve rapidly in the future to combat these challenges and we can easily develop 3D Jewelry.

The young generations are the front runners in the world of digital purchases of engagement rings. Augmented Reality can help in easing the customer’s process of filtering out the best piece of Jewelry for themselves. Once 3D CAD software companies are able to translate the works of jewelers then we can expect a boost in the digital world of Jewelry.

Making of Jewelry Pieces: Still Untouched With AR

Well, this area is not significantly touched yet, but AR may bring a lot of efficiencies here. The Microsoft HoloLens may prove to be a game changer for manufacturing.

Imagine yourself sitting in your home with your headset on and your manufacturer sitting at a different location wearing his headset. Both of you can see the representation of the same piece of Jewelry in front of you and be able to modify it while the other person looks at it.

What Players are doing after Interference of AR/VR in the Industry?

PC Jewelers Revamps Store Experience

PC Jeweler, one of the pioneers in the Jewelry industry in India with more than 95 stores, has rolled augmented reality experience in few of its showrooms. Customers at these stores can try out every piece of Jewelry via AR experience.

iPad is being used to provide the AR experience to the consumers with the help of MirrAR. This is an app developed by StyleDotMe, Delhi-based startup.

This has pushed the conversion rates at the stores and also eliminated the need for huge inventory at every store as the products can be shipped within 24 hours after the customer has placed the order.

Tanishq Is Not Far Behind In the Queue

Tanishq has also taken a step into Augmented Reality application and is alluring a large number of audiences at the airport at a completely new level. With Try and Buy option, consumers can try Jewelry virtually by looking into AR screens.

How Bluestone Gaze At AR/VR?

Upon asking “How will you leverage technology (AI, AR, VR, etc) in the offline space”, to the Founder and CEO at, Gaurav Singh Kushwaha explains his view. He said

“We require more use cases to leverage a better Virtual Reality developed in the country. People should own VR headsets that they do not have as of now. Though Oculus and Google Cardboard are in the niche still they are yet to be picked up. Till then one cannot do much with VR. So, all of us have to wait for a while. “

As far as AR technology is concerned, we are still involved in research as to how we can leverage it.

Is AR able to solve the challenges for Jewelry Retailers?

So with 3D demonstration and use of AR, retailers can educate consumers about the value of the Jewelry pieces, educate them about the gemstone and metal. For instance, if consumer points their phone at ring or necklace, the AR app will take them on a tour of that particular piece such as what is its size, value, history of creation, and more.

People who don’t like to visit places for buying stuff, may save time, effort, and enjoy the shopping experience with augmented reality online shopping. Plus the try on facility engages and fascinates people and thus increases the sales.

What Is The Future Of Augmented Reality & Online Jewelry Shopping?

Even after the reach of Augmented Reality in Jewelry Industry, it is still not easy to find the best suitable app that can satisfy the buyer’s need.

AR is not that popular yet, but it will soon change the entire picture, because:

  • AR makes a sensory experience with the product and thus motivates consumers as what to buy and why to buy.
  • Users can feel the in-store experience without going there.
  • Try anywhere anytime
  • No need to worry while shopping online as to how an item will look on you.
  • With AR app consumers can avoid the salesperson and can do shopping conveniently.
  • AR is very new now and gives a unique way to attract people. Thus helps retailers to avail a unique stand out in the industry.
  • It helps in providing personalized service to a large number of consumers.

Retail Perception

  • Almost 40% of the shoppers would be happy to pay more for a product if they could get AR experience while shopping.
  • Approximately 71% of the shoppers would like to shop at retail shops if they could get AR experience there.
  • Brands get more loyal shoppers if they are incorporating the AR. Also, customers feel more satisfied after making a purchase.

The Last Word

No doubt augmented reality and virtual reality; both have amazing applications in the Jewelry industry. You know that low quality augmented reality has been there around for years. Technology has not evolved to its full potential yet but now it is on the verge of transforming. AR will definitely be a serious opportunity when it looks real and will be much easier to use. Development is in process and it will always be. Let’s see what will happen in the future.

At Queppelin, we are creating AR apps. You can watch how we have worked on AR portals. If you have any requirement in augmented reality and virtual reality, give us a buzz at [email protected] .

Originally published at on May 21, 2019.



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